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Vijaydurg, the oldest fort on the Sindhudurg coast, is one of the most interesting because it was virtually impregnable. Its geographical advantages include the 40 kilometer long Waghotan creek. While large vessels could not enter the shallow water of this creek. The Maratha king Shivaji took control of this fort from the Adil Shahi dynasty only in 1656 - after which the present day battlements and fortifications were built and then was rechristened "Vijaydurg". Thereafter the fort was the main Maratha naval base under Sirkel Kanoji Angre and his son Sirkel Tulaji Angre. The fort was attacked by the British, Portuguese and Dutch - but could not be conquered.
Tourist Attractions
Vijaydurg Fort
Getting There
Nearest Railway Station : Rajapur Road 63 km         Nearest Airport : Ratnagiri 95 km
Nearby Cities : Rajapur 50 km, Kankavli 75 km, Ratnagiri 95 km, Kolhapur 143 km

Nearby Tourist Places
Kunkeshwar 35 km, Devgad 28 km

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