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Sri Kshetra Pandharpur is a well known pilgrimage town on the banks of Bhima River in Solāpur district. Here Bhima river is referred as Chandrabhaga as it takes shape like crescent moon near the town. The Vithoba Temple, popularly known as Shri Vitthal-Rukmini Mandir is very popular in Maharashtra since ancient time. The deity is worshipped by many saints of Maharashtra. Saint Dnyaneshwar, Tukaram, Namdev, Eknath, Nivruttinath, Muktabai, Chokhamela, Savata Mali, Narhari Sonar, Gora Kumbhar and Gajanan Maharaj are few prominent saints. It is said that lord Vitthal came Pandharpur to meet his disciple Bhakt Pundlik who was busy serving his parents that time, so he offered brick (vit) for Vitthala to stand some time. Time from when Vitthal is standing is said to be 28 yug. So in aarati of Vitthal it is mentioned yuge atthavis , vithevari ubha. Although parts of the temple date to the 12th or 13th centuries, the existing structure mainly dates to the 17th century or later, and reflects the later Deccan style. On Mahadwar Ghat there is temple of Bhakta Pundlik. Pandharpur Ashadhi and Kartiki Ekadashi Wari (gathering of pilgrims/devotees ) is very popular in Maharashtra. The Warkaris reach Pandharpur by walking from their homes to the Pandharpur in groups called Dindi.
Tourist Attractions
Shri Vitthal Rukmini Mandir, Bhakt Pundalik Temple, Samadhi of Saint Namadev and Chokamela,
Kaikadi Maharaj Mandir, Sacred Chandrabhaga River
Getting There
Nearest Railway Station : Pandharpur          Nearest Airport : Pune 200 km
Nearby Cities :
Solapur 75 km, Baramati 110 km
Nearby Tourist Places
Solapur 75 km, Tuljapur 115 km, Akkalkot 110 km, Akluj 50 km, Phaltan 105 km

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