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Koyana Dam - Tapola

The Koyna River originates in Mahableshwar. The Koyna dam - Shivasagar reservoir on it is the largest dam in Maharashtra. It is considered a feat of engineering. It provides a large amount of irrigation water and also generates electricity. The koyana dam is around 50 km in length with Koyana Nagar the South end and the Tapola near Mahabaleshwar is the north end. Tapola is bestowed by pristine natural environment with hills, waterfalls and forests very rich in flora and fauna diversity. Due to it Tapola is famously called as the Mini Kashmir. The catchment area around the Shivasagar - Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a variety of wildlife like sloth bears, leopards, dhols, barking deer, spotted deer, giant squirrels, and even tigers. Near Tapola there are many forts in the dense forest and jungle treks are very popular and magnificent.
Tourist Attractions
Koyana Dam Backwater - Shivsagar Lake, Boating, Koyana Wildlife Sanctuary, Waterfalls, Vasota Fort,
Jungle Treks and Camping
Getting There
Nearest Railway Station : Satara 75 km / Pune 145 km        Nearest Airport : Pune 145 km
Nearby Cities : Pune 145 km ( Via Mahabaleshwar ), Satara 75 km

Nearby Tourist Places
Mahabaleshwar 30 km, Pratapgad 34 km
, Kaas Plateau 49 km

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