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Aundha Nagnath

Aundha Nagnath is a town in Hingoli District. Aundha Nagnath (Nageshwaram) ancient Shiva Temple is among the 12 Jyotirlingas dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is said to be from time of the Mahabharata and is believed to have been constructed by Yudhishthira, eldest of the Pandavas. The present temple is said to have been built by the Yadava dynasty and dates to 13th century. The temple have unbelievably beautiful carvings. The base of the present temple is in Hemadpanti architecture although its upper portion was repaired during later period and is in the style which was prevalent during the Peshwa's regime. The Jyotirlinga is located below the ground level accessed by two deep steps. The Aundha Nagnath premises also house 12 small temples for the 12 Jyotirlingas. Also with in the premises are 108 temples and 68 shrines, all belonging to the great Lord Shiva.
Tourist Attractions
Aundha Nagnath,  Mahakali, Padmavati, Kankeshwari, Kalikamata and Khandeshwari Mandir
Getting There
Nearest Railway Station : Chondi 21 km                Nearest Airport : Aurangabad 210 km
Nearby Cities :
Hingoli 25 km, Parbhani 50 km, Nanded 65 km
Nearby Tourist Places
Birthplace of Saint Namdev - Narsi village 30 km, Tulajadevi Mandir 40 km, Lonar 107 km, Nanded 65 km, Parali Vaijnath 118 km, Mahur 130 km

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